Raab: An Inventory Like No Other

From Darwin to Edison to Washington to Churchill to Einstein to Van Gogh: Many of the great historical treasures that reach the market are handled by The Raab Collection, and sold to its many private and institutional clients on every habitable continent.  Some of these reach our emails; others do not.  This is a small selection of pieces that we have sold that did not reach our public notices in the last month:

– Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s Original Handwritten Notes For an Important Speech During One of World War II’s Darkest Hours, Rallying the British Nation To Fight On

– An Important and Unpublished Early Letter of Albert Einstein on General Relativity and Gravity;

– An Important Archive of Letters from Otto Frank about Anne and the Anne Frank House;

– Ronald Reagan’s Original Signed Oath of Office From His 1980 Inauguration, Along With A Toast He Gave to Nancy as President, Quoting Thomas Jefferson;

– Important Letters of Alexander Hamilton As Secretary of the Treasury and war-date letters of George Washington.

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