Raab Acquires Middle East Peace / Sadat Related Archive

The Raab Collection, the nation’s leader in important historical documents has announced today that it has acquired a remarkable group of letters from Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and America’s Greatest Diplomat, Henry Kissinger, as they pay homage to Egyptian President Anwar e-Sadat and his legacy in the fight for Middle East peace.

Among the documents, offered for sale here for the first time:

President Gerald R. Ford, Who Mediated the Second Egypt-Israel Disengagement Agreement in 1975, Calls Slain Egyptian President Anwar e-Sadat “a great man among men”, with “infinite wisdom and total dedication to his people and the peace process”

Ford writes, “My personal memories of President Sadat are among the treasures of my presidency. Anwar Sadat’s achievements on behalf of Egypt and the peace process in the Middle East will be indelibly written on the pages of history. His visionary and courageous leadership in the 1970s brought meaningful progress toward the long sought goal of a secure and equitable peace in the region. President Sadat’s tragic death…should re-emphasize his total commitment to the betterment of all mankind…”

President Richard M. Nixon Immortalizes Egypt’s Assassinated President Anwar el-Sadat in a Letter to His Widow: “Men are mortal but the spirit of a man of peace is immortal because it lives on in the millions he has inspired.

“President Sadat was such a man…The impact of his loss is incalculably great; but so too is the gift of his example.”

America’s Greatest Diplomat, Henry Kissinger, Lauds Egypt’s Assassinated President Anwar el-Sadat in a Letter to Mrs. Sadat, Saying “He taught us all the true meaning of statesmanship”

Kissinger writes of Sadat and his role in ending the state of war between Egypt and Israel: “Anwar el-Sadat was one of those rare individuals who changed the course of history. He knew that peace was the dream of his people, and he knew that only by acts of heroic personal courage could he achieve that dream. By his vision and bravery he made the dream a reality. He defied his enemies…He was shrewd, bold, complex, urbane, simple, and above all wise.”

President Jimmy Carter Writes Mrs. Anwar el-Sadat Eulogizing Her Husband as “the greatest world leader that I have known” and Setting Forth His Legacy: “No one in my time contributed more toward peace on earth than he did”

“At the Camp David Summit, in September 1978, he boldly strove not simply to end the succession of wars between Arabs and Israelis, but to establish full normal relations among the nations of that region.


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