The Lost Lincoln Letters: An Unveiling

Each year, The Raab Collection handles countless newly discovered historical documents, some published, others not.  These come from estates, descendants, heirs, centuries-old collections, and many other places.

Nearly a century ago, a famous and important collection of Lincoln letters to Secretary of the Treasury Salmon Chase was mistakenly left behind in a home that was abandoned. When the owner returned for them, the letters had disappeared. With sleuthing by a local attorney and the historical society, those letters were found and returned to their owner. From there, most went to legendary dealer Walter Benjamin and then to a major university via donation by the Rockefeller family, but a few were given to that attorney by the owner as a thank you. For one week, those rare, never-before-seen documents and other unpublished letters from President Lincoln will be on display in our offices. This will be the first time they will be available to the public. Contact us at to learn more.

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