The National Park Service to Display a Rare Jefferson Document, Acquired Here

The National Park Service will be displaying a historical document discovered by The Raab Collection, generously on loan from a private collector, its new owner, who has agreed to share it with the public. We recently offered for sale a rare document that connects two ideological champions of the fight for independence – Thomas Jefferson and Thaddeus Kosciuszko – and attests to their lifelong partnership. It is a rare memento of the Jefferson-Kosciuszko relationship. Anything relating to this great Polish patriot and his service or relationships in America is very uncommon. You can find a full description of the piece here:
Beginning April 4, and on the weekends, the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial will be displaying this piece near Independence Mall in Philadelphia.  You can learn more about this facility and arrange a visit here:
Our historical documents are frequently on display in institutions, helping to build national exhibits. Our pieces are on display, have recently been on display, or will be on dispay at the National Constitution Center, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, Mount Vernon, the National Museum of American Jewish History, and countless other museums across the country.  
Next time you go to a museum, you might be looking at a Raab Collection document. 

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