July 2008

Opinion piece published in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “This month, the country learned that Lewis Katz, philanthropist and businessman, would be lending to the National Constitution Center here in Philadelphia an autograph book that boasts the signature of, among others, Abraham Lincoln.  Such books are not actually uncommon.   Lincoln signed many of them, and his signature is far from rare.  So what makes this one different?  It was compiled at Gettysburg the day of  Lincoln’s storied address, and it is the only piece known to exist that can make such a lofty claim.  It is a gem for any institution, a wonderful  asset for our city.  Katz made such a gift, we learned, because the Constitution Center would allow people to “imagine the moment when pen hit the  page.” This is a wise and refreshing recognition of Philadelphia’s central  role in preserving our nation’s legacy and making it come alive.” Read the whole oped

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