Join Us in Congratulating Rebecca Barry, Communications Director at Raab, on Her New Book

We at Raab are delighted to share that our director of communications, Rebecca Rego Barry, has written a new book that comes out this month. The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells is a biography of the author and collector Carolyn Wells, who catapulted to fame in the 1890s as a poet and humorist and whose friends included Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and Mark Twain. Later in life, Wells began writing detective novels, completing a total of 82 of them–with some bestsellers, and some made into films–before her death in 1942. She also collected rare books, and her world-class collection of Walt Whitman now resides at the Library of Congress.  

The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells

While Wells was a household name in the early twentieth century, she faded into obscurity in the succeeding decades. In this first-ever biography of Wells, Barry determines to find out how and why that happened and to restore the legacy of a prolific writer whose story is all too emblematic of forgotten women’s history. 

If you’d like to learn more, Barry will be giving a free virtual talk on February 15th at 2:00 pm EST, hosted by Ohio State University Libraries. Register here.

The book will be available wherever books are sold, and signed or inscribed copies may be ordered here

Barry’s book joins a number of other books written by those of us at Raab, including Nathan Raab’s The Hunt for History (Scribner, 2020) and Steven Raab’s With the 3rd Wisconsin Badgers: The Living Experience of the Civil War Through the Journals of Van R. Willard, as well as their co-produced volume, In the Presence of History

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