January 30, 2008

CBS Newsradio

Local historical document collectors say the hunt for national treasures is real and going on today.  Those who oversee the Raab Collection, a Philadelphia house of historical manuscripts, say the hunt for national treasures is real. Collection vice president Nathan Raab:  “It’s not just something that happens in the movies. There are people out there that are actively searching out not only the pieces of history but the stories that bring them to life. And this exhibit focuses on that, by using original documents in the hand of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, and even King George III.”  The Raab Collection is displaying newly discovered original documents and letters and outlining the hunt behind finding them and their importance. Nathan Raab says one item is a secret letter (above) from John Adams in Europe:  “This letter was John Adams’ notification to Benjamin Franklin and John Jay of the first European recognition of our independence of any country outside of France.”  The collection is open to the public by appointment. For more information call 1-800-977-8333.

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