Historical Treasures, A New Catalog, An Event

These are great historical documents, documents that changed events and evoked the great emotions that only great events can.  They are uncommon and worthy of the finest collections.  Most have not been on the market in over a half century, if ever.   Our newest catalog, "Historical Treasures," is coming soon, and you be on the front lines when it does.  Sign up to receive updates when they become public.  A small sample:

  • TR's handheld acceptance speech given just after learning he had won the 1898 gubernatorial nomination;
  • An unpublished Benjamin Franklin letter with integral "B Free Franklin" signature, the only one of its kind not in an institution;  
  • The appointment of the first commander of the Buffalo Soldiers, a hero of the Civil War;
  • A collection of important battlefield correspondence and orders from Gen. Grant to Gen. Meade and others from 1864, including the announcement of the victory at Globe Tavern;

  • A passionate post-Gettysburg letter of Robert E. Lee to JEB Stuart: "I hope your loss has been small, and that your troops are in good condition. Cherish and refresh them all you can"
  • Churchill's speech notes from April 1939, denouncing Hitler and Neville Chamberlain; "Neville – who has been a second time deceived by the Dictator in whom he particularly trusts, &  invites us to trust…There is a great danger in refusing to believe things you do not like."  
  • A letter of Harry Truman justifying his firing of Douglas MacArthur.


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