The Historical Society of Pennsylvania and Susan Eisenhower

This past week, the Historical Society of Pennsylania, one of the countrys original such societies, holding the finest collection of America’s founding documents outside the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, held its annual banquet.  Nathan Raab is on the Board of Directors of the Historical Society, serving as its Secretary.

This year, we honored Susan Eisenhower, a friend of The Raab Collection, and Howard Lewis for their contributions to history.  Susan, a historian who has written on the subjects of her grandfather’s administration and the Soviet-American relations, currently resides in Washington.  Howard Lewis, a Philadelphia philanthropist, has been with the organization since the 1960s, having been preceeded by his father and grandfather on the board, the latter having aided in the construction of the current facility, the first fire-proof building in the city.

The Raab Collection donated an important document of Dwight Eisenhower and was a sponsor of the gathering, held at Ardrossan, the majestic Montgomery Scott Estate in suburban Philadelphia.

If you care to learn more about HSP, please let us know.

Nathan Raab

Nathan Raab is Vice President of The Raab Collection and on the Board of Directors at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. He is a regular contributor to

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