Anne Frank House Acquires Otto Frank Archive From Raab


The Anne Frank House has acquired a collection of 76 original letters of correspondence between Otto Frank and Jewish Polish-American writer/poet Shea Tenenbaum. Below are excerpts from the Anne Frank House 2016 Annual Report.

Otto Frank Letters

Otto Frank received many letters following the publication of his daughter Anne’s diary. He maintained contact with some letter writers for many years, and even became friends with some of them. One special correspondence was with the Jewish Polish-American writer and poet Shea Tenenbaum. In November 2016 the Anne Frank House acquired 76 original letters from Otto Frank to Shea Tenenbaum via the Raab Collection. The letters were written between 1958 and 1979, and as well as personal stories they also contain interesting information on Otto’s deep involvement in the preservation of the secret annexe and its opening to the public.

“My main work concentrates on the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam.” Otto Frank in a letter to Shea Tenebaum, 1963

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