Raab Acquires Great Documents from World War II

The Raab Collection, the nation’s leader in important historical documents, announced today that it has acquired a remarkable group of two then-“secret” telegrams, directly from the British war office, being the notifications to the world from England that war has broken out with Germany and Italy, respectively, and that mobilization would now begin. These are documents of great national and international importance and represent formative events in the history of the 20th century worldwide.

They include:

The Original, Official War Office Order Notifying British Commanders and Troops Worldwide that Italy Has Declared War on the Allied Powers

Created on June 10, 1940, the day Mussolini joined the Nazi war effort

In America, President Roosevelt broadcast on the radio the promise of support for Britain and France with “the material resources of this nation.”


England Declares War: The Original, Official War Office Mobilization Order Notifying British Commanders and Troops Worldwide that They Must Commence War Preparations Immediately

Created on September 1, 1939, at 6:05 PM, the very day Germany invaded Poland, it was telegraphed throughout the Commonwealth around the world


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