A Spectacular Acquisition of Rare Presidential Checks

The Raab Collection, the nation’s leader in important historical documents has announced today that it has acquired and will offer for sale a remarkable and important collection of American presidential checks, acquired in some cases decades ago, part of a large private collection that contains unique and very uncommon material, examples of which arrive on the market in some cases once every decade or quarter century.

Among the many rare and important financial instruments:

A Very Rare Signed Check of George Washington as President, Depositing Money in the Bank of the United States

The money was proceeds from sale of land in the west, which Washington had invested in to help develop that area after the Revolution

The text is accomplished in Treasury Secretary Oliver Wolcott, Jr.’s, hand, a remarkable association between President and Treasury Secretary

This is one of only two checks as President we can find having ever reached the market

One of Only Three Checks of Franklin Pierce Known to Have Reached the Market, This Being One of Two Signed as President

With the Outstanding Provenance of Charles Hamilton, and pictured in his noted book, “American Autographs”

A Rare Signed Check of Thomas Jefferson, Written on the Bank of the United States, Very Likely Paying for a Coach to Return to Monticello After Serving as Washington’s Secretary of State

Our first Jefferson check in all these decades, and one of only a very few to have reached the market

The Only Signed Check of John Tyler We Can Find Having Ever Reached the Market

Public records going back half a century disclose no other examples, and this may be the only one in private hands

The collection as a whole includes documents signed by every president and checks signed by every president except Zachary Taylor.  It is perhaps the most important collection of checks to reach the market in decades.

Pictured below: a sampling:

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