30th Anniversary of Raab

This year marks the 30th anniversary of when collector / attorney Steven Raab decided to open The Raab Collection, then Steven S. Raab Autographs.  Steven’s and his wife Susan’s decision in 1989 marked the culmination of his decades of collecting and the start of a new firm that would grow over the course of the next generation to include his son and daughter-in-law and make Raab a global name in historical documents. Since that time, the firm has carried many of the most important documents to reach the market and worked with a generation of historical collectors, heirs, and direct descendants.

The Raab name has become synonymous with quality and experience in an endeavor that requires both.  This is why we are proud of our global reputation and reach.

While we are celebrating our 30 years in business, we are looking forward.  Over the course of the year, you will notice new things, some large, some small, as we continue to grow into the 21st century and offer our customers the finest and most important historical documents, matched with an unparalleled customer experience.

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