De-accessions The Raab Collection is internationally renowned.  It was founded by long-time collector and attorney, Steven Raab, and has been buying and selling important historical documents for over three decades.  In that time, we have developed a reputation for being a premier destination where institutions go when the time has come to de-accession material.  You can expect discretion and privacy.  If we decide to acquire, you will receive a fair price, consistent with or in excess of your auction estimate, along wth prompt payment made via the method of your choice and with the certainty of knowing when and how much you will be paid.  Learn more about selling to The Raab Collection here.

Acquisitions The Raab Collection remains committed to the growth and success of museum and institutional collections.  From large museums to small historical societies, each has a unique mission, and we will work with you to understand that mission and the nature of your collection.  We serve on nationally prominent boards and are active philanthropically.

Catalog Subscriptions We will gladly provide your museum or institution with complementary copies of our catalogs.

Special Events The Raab Collection is available for participation in lectures and symposia at museum events.  We can also coordinate unique social events and educational programming for your patrons.

For more information and to find out how we can assist your institution, please contact us at 800-977-8333.

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