Buying Your firm has a unique message to spread and The Raab Collection will help you curate a collection of historical documents which advances your company’s goals.  Tell your firm’s story in a way that will show anyone who you are and what you stand for.

Corporate Gift Services Give the gift of history.  The Raab Collection offers special account services for our corporate customers.  Whether you are shopping for a gift for a client, an executive, a retiring colleague, or another business associate, we will help you to find an important and powerful piece of original history for each recipient.  Learn more about gifting here.

Special Events The Raab Collection is available for participation in private gatherings, lectures, and other events.  We can also coordinate unique social events and educational programming that cater to your firm’s board and staff, as well as the company’s external client base.  We bring the exclusive experience of history to you.

Selling We have had the privilege of introducing to the market truly significant collections and individual pieces.  If your firm has autographs for sale – whether single items, small groups or collections – please contact us.  We are respected for our understanding of the market, appreciation of history, discretion, and prompt payment.

To learn more, or if we may be of assistance, please contact us at 800-977-8333.

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