“God Almighty Be Praised”: John Hancock’s Revolutionary War Religious Note Up For Sale

“God Almighty Be Praised”: John Hancock’s Revolutionary War Religious Note Up For Sale

A rare historical document connecting our Founders and Christianity, and perhaps the only note of a major Founding Father praising God directly for an American victory to have reached the market

Valued at $55,000

PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 6, 2018 – The Raab Collection, the nation’s leading dealer in important historical documents, announced that it is offering for sale an original historical document connecting our Founding Fathers, the Revolution, and God.   In the document, John Hancock praises God directly for the first major win for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.  Our research discloses no other note from a prominent Founding Father praising God for a victory.  It is valued at $55,000.  Hancock’s father and grandfather were ministers.

On receiving news of the July 3, 1776 victory near Charleston, SC, the first time during the Revolution that U.S. troops successfully defended against a British sea and land invasion, Hancock, wrote:

“I have sent the Gen’l [Washington] the whole of the most fortunate defeat of the troops and ships at So. Carolina. God Almighty be praised, I feel grateful.”

The note came at a critical moment.  Hancock wrote it on July 19, which is the day that Congress, with John Hancock as President, commissioned the Declaration of Independence that we see today at the National Archives.  It would be officially signed on August 2.  Hancock’s is the most famous signature on that document.

Provenance: For many years in a private collection Florida collection. Before then, for decades in a prominent West Coast private collection.

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