In just three decades, The Raab Collection has grown into one of the preeminent historical document dealers in the world, serving clients building collections on every inhabited continent. Our extensive network, broad and seasoned experience, and focus on quality above quantity has manifested itself in relationships which span decades and even generations.  Whether we are working with the Library of Congress, a private collector, or a major corporation, helping a seasoned collector or a new-comer, in each case, we apply a one-on-one approach that finds the right piece for the right occasion.

What started as a passion decades ago, when Steven Raab began assembling his own historical document collection, has grown into a worldwide presence, focused on service, quality, and historical importance.

Since we spend so much time researching each document we carry, and extend our lifetime guarantee, our clients shop with confidence.  And because we are known not only to collectors but also to famous historical descendants and major private collectors looking to sell their material, our customers often have access to material never before publicly seen, material that re-writes history books.

Moreover, our focus on service means you benefit from our expertise not only in acquiring the finest historical documents, but also in properly preserving and conserving documents and presenting them in ways that will ensure their longevity and prevent damage. This allows for the document to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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