Abraham Lincoln

Nathan Raab Unveils Lincoln Letter on Fox and Friends

posted on 07/29/2014

Watch and learn more about the newly discovered letter of Abraham Lincoln from right after his Cooper Union Address, being offered for sale by The Raab Collection.

Abraham Lincoln's 1860 Letter After the Cooper Union Address

posted on 07/28/2014

Lincoln scholar, Harold Holzer, once called the Cooper Union address “Lincoln’s watershed, the event that transformed him from a regional leader into a national phenomenon. Here the politician known as frontier debater and chronic jokester introduced a new oratorical style: informed by history, suffused with moral certainty, and marked by lawyerly precision.”

Raab in Forbes: Lincoln Forgeries

posted on 06/16/2014

This document, authored by Nathan Raab, was first published on his blog on Forbes.com at http://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanraab/2014/06/16/everyone-thought-this-....