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Albert Einstein

Einstein's autographs and fascinating letters are among the most sought after in this field, and the collector will have interesting options from which to choose. He wrote extensively on topics of...

William McKinley

The first time McKinley's autographs appear in quantity is during the 1896 campaign. His letters are usually typed and short but his feelings come through. Material relating to the Spanish-American...

PT Barnum

American showman, businessman, entertainer, and circus founder.

Dwight Eisenhower

Autographs of Ike are obtainable from throughout his lifetime, with those from during World War II and his presidency generally being most desirable. He could write long, thoughtful and frank...

Harry Houdini

Autographs of the great magician are increasingly uncommon.

Chester A. Arthur

His letters are increasingly scarce, autograph letters as President especially. He was an excellent and under-rated President.

Alexander Fleming

Discoverer of Penicillin

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