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Queen Victoria

Long-time Queen of Great Britain who gave her name to an era, Victoria's autograph is affixed to formal documents, letters of state, and personal correspondence.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson autographs and documents are found from his time as Governor during the Revolution, Ambassador to France, Secretary of State, President, and citizen farmer. His letters are diverse...

Francis Hopkinson

Signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Jersey and Author

Julia Grant

Wife of President and General Ulysses S. Grant

Richard Varick

Revolutionary War officer and aide to Washington, he was later mayor of New York City.

Albert Einstein

Einstein's autographs and fascinating letters are among the most sought after in this field, and the collector will have interesting options from which to choose. He wrote extensively on topics of...

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell autographs have become increasingly uncommon. Those historical documents relating to his work with the telephone are even more difficult to find.

William Westmoreland

Commander of U.S. troops in Vietnam, his wartime letters with content are uncommon.

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