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Walt Whitman

One of the world's most prophetic literary minds, Whitman's autographs are uncommon, particularly those relating to his work or achievements.

Noah Webster

US lexicographer, author of the first American dictionary of the English language.

West Point

Autographs related to America's famed military academy

Millard Fillmore

Fillmore's autograph letters can be unusually frank about his goals, feelings and motivations. Revealing letters can therefore be found relating to the slavery crisis.

Allen Ginsberg

American poet associated with both the Beat movement of the 1950's and the Counter Culture of the 1960's.

Robert Fulton

U.S. engineer and inventor who is widely credited with developing the first commercially successful steam-powered ship

Frederic Remington

He created scenes of the West that captivated generations

Calvin Coolidge

He was the first president born late enough to have spent his entire adulthood in the era of the typewriter. His letters are usually brief, and his autograph letters somewhat uncommon.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin autographs are usually in the form letters, many of which are insightful. Some can be found addressed to scientists and researchers of his day. Important documents are uncommon.

All Figures

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