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Gideon Welles

United States Secretary of the Navy from 1861 to 1869, including the entire duration of the American Civil War.

Thomas Edison

Perhaps the most noted inventor, autographs relating to his scientific work or inventions are the most desirable. His signed photographs, because of his beautiful signature, can be wonderful as well.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt autographs are often warm letters, some of which refer to her husband's attitudes towards life and response to his illness and the pressures of his job. Her humanitarian work can...

Millard Fillmore

Fillmore's autograph letters can be unusually frank about his goals, feelings and motivations. Revealing letters can therefore be found relating to the slavery crisis.

Jimmy Carter

President whose administration's theme was advancement of human rights.

Louis XIV

Reigned in France between 1643 and 1715.

Hyman Rickover

The father of the Nuclear Navy, Jewish immigrant, and creator of a generation of nuclear submarines and surface vessels.

Louis XIII

King of France from 1610 to 1643 who relied heavily on the advice of Cardinal Richelieu.

Philip Schuyler

American general in the Revolutionary War.

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