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Ernest Hemingway

American novelist, short-story writer, and journalist whose letters are always in demand.

Philip Schuyler

American general in the Revolutionary War.

Ronald Reagan

The Great Communicator who shifted the American political center of gravity to the conservative side. Reagan's autographs and letters can be rich in content and replete with the vision that...

The Eniac

The world's first general purpose computer

George Washington

George Washington autographs and historical documents have been sought after as long as American autographs have been collected. Signed letters from the Revolution and letters and historical...

Robert E. Lee

Revered Confederate general who has come to symbolize the Southern cause in the Civil War. His autographs and letters can be found for any period of his life, but the most interesting are from...

John J. Pershing

Commander of the United States Army in World War I. He rose to the highest rank ever held in the U.S. military, equivalent only to the posthumous rank of George Washington: General of the Armies.

George H.W. Bush

The 42nd president, he presided over the Gulf War.

Ulysses S. Grant

U.S. Grant autographs and historical documents show the General and President at pivotal moments in American history.

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