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Collecting Napoleon autographs and documents

posted on 12/12/2012
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Napoleon Bonaparte is a unique character in modern history, with the closest parallel to him being Julius Caesar. He not only guided and created events, but bestrode them like a colossus. And interest in him, which you might think would have waned with time, is now as great as ever. In fact, we receive more inquiries about Napoleon autographs than many other historical figures.

Legacy: Great Autograph Dealers of the Past

posted on 01/22/2016

A few weeks ago, I opened up a package containing a Winston Churchill letter we were acquiring. With the letter came the original paperwork, and I was excited to see that the seller was Mary Benjamin of the old Walter R. Benjamin Autographs firm.

Deciphering Churchill: A Look at His Manuscript Notes For His Great Speech to Parliament Before the Outbreak of WWII

posted on 10/06/2012
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The evolution of his writing habits from the early years until 1939