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Wine and John Adams, A Discovery

posted on 04/23/2014
Tagged: In the News

Wine: Founding Father's love of Burgundy; Labor Day weekend in Sonoma

As published in the San Jose Mercury News

A pricey receipt: If you're intrigued by what our founding fathers housed in their wine cellars, perhaps you'd like to fork over $13,000 for an artifact revealing John Adams' penchant for pinot noir.

Trip to India in the Economic Times

posted on 04/21/2014

This Spring, we traveled to India and our visit received broad attention, including from the media.  Here is one such piece, from the Economic Times.

Collectors in India buy letters written by Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy for up to $500,0000

By Vijaya Rathore, ET Bureau | 18 Apr, 2014, 08.21AM IST

Albert Einstein's Spacetime Letter

posted on 03/06/2014

In 1945, Albert Einstein wrote a group of soldiers stationed in the Pacific Theater of World War II, explaining that space is a four-dimensional continuum and that reconciled that with his newer scientific theories.  The sale of that unpublished letter was covered in media outlets worldwide.  It sold to a private collector.  The full description can be seen here: