Albert Einstein's Spacetime Letter

posted on 03/06/2014

In 1945, Albert Einstein wrote a group of soldiers stationed in the Pacific Theater of World War II, explaining that space is a four-dimensional continuum and that reconciled that with his newer scientific theories.  The sale of that unpublished letter was covered in media outlets worldwide.  It sold to a private collector.  The full description can be seen here:

Raab at Forbes: Hillary Clinton's Secret Papers, Brought To You By Richard Nixon

posted on 02/28/2014

By Nathan Raab, as published on

When papers of the Clinton Library become public today, starting at 1pm, a voyeuristic, journalistic occasion that would impress William Randolph Hearst, former First Lady and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can thank one person: Richard Nixon.

George Washington's 1778 Letter, Nationwide Reporting

posted on 02/24/2014

The Raab Collection has announced that is offering for sale a rare letter of George Washington, written in 1778 to the recently liberated city of Philadelphia. 

Raab and the sale of the document has been featured in many national media outlets, among them Fox News, The Washington Post and ABC News.

In this letter, General Washington links the country's national goals to the spirit of the national capital.