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Buying and Selling Important Historical Autographs and Documents. Raab is an internationally recognized name for historical autographs and documents, providing a focus on quality and significance. The Raab Collection is helping build some of the great historical document collections, both public and private, and works with the descendants of notable historical families to find their legacies new homes. Historical documents on display around the country come from our collection and those of our clients. We regularly appear in major international media outlets.

On display in the office

Charles Darwin and Evolution

Charles Darwin Paraphrases His Conclusion of "Origin of Species" in Praising a Scientist for Embracing Evolution

date Mar 23, 1866

In both Origins and this letter, he is confident that scientific study will inevitably cast "doubt on the immutability of species"

General George Washington

Gen. George Washington Celebrates the Liberation of the National Capital, Philadelphia, From the British

date Dec 30, 1778

Washington on why the war has not been lost: Americans’ "national virtues" have "frustrated the designs of the enemy.”  This letter formerly belonged to Signer of the Declaration Caesar Rodney

John Quincy Adams

A Rare Signed Engraving of John Quincy Adams, the Earliest Signed Image of Any President

date Jan 23, 0184

Engraved Portrait Signed, a 2 by 3 inch image on a 3 by 4 1/2 inch sheet, similar in size to a CDV, dated January 23, 1843. It is matted and framed.

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