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Buying and Selling Important Historical Autographs and Documents. Raab is an internationally recognized name for historical autographs and documents, providing a focus on quality and significance. The Raab Collection is helping build some of the great historical document collections, both public and private, and works with the descendants of notable historical families to find their legacies new homes. Historical documents on display around the country come from our collection and those of our clients. We regularly appear in major international media outlets.

On display in the office

Emily Dickinson on Her Revered Father: He “was always so gallant to his young kinsmen”, and was capable of “great tenderness”

An unpublished three-page letter to her Uncle William, with extremely rare characterizations of her father, whose towering figure dominated her early life

A long, 3-page letter filled with references to seven members of her family, including her mother; On her cousin, she lyrically writes: “Though not knowing her personally, we have a vicarious acquaintance”

Very Rare Mark Twain Autograph Quotation Signed From One of His Great Novels

“Consider well the proportions of things: it is better to be a young june-bug than an old bird of paradise.”

date Oct 8, 1908

From The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson, and the first autograph quotation of Twain’s from one of his novels that we can recall having

The Creation of the Kennedy Center

An Original Pen Used to Sign the Kennedy Center Act

Given to Kennedy Aide Kenneth O'Donnell by President Johnson After JFK's Assassination; Acquired from the direct descendants of Kenneth O'Donnell and never before offered for sale

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony Finances Efforts to Increase the Membership of Her National American Woman Suffrage Association

date Apr 29, 1890

She demands that some of these funds being held by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union be paid to an activist “organizing Equal Suffrage societies”